• Page last updated on: 02 December 2022
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Additional Allocation for Natural Calamities & Festivals

I. Natural Calamities and Law & Order situations :

In case of natural calamities and law & order situations, the allocation for first three months of the demand will be made to the State/UT, so that the relief measures are not affected, subject to the following conditions:

a) The proposal of the State/UT for additional allocation of foodgrain due to natural calamity and law & order situation in the State/UT, should invariably be accompanied by notification (in case of drought) issued in this regard by the State/UT or declaration in cases other than drought.

b) The notification/declaration so issued should contain information that includes – number of districts affected. The proposal of State/UT should be forwarded indicating date of onset of the natural calamity, total population of the district, number of people in the district affected, number of NFSA beneficiaries in the district, number of people for whom additional allocation is sought and number of months (between one and three) for which relief measure has been sought. The information may be furnished as per the proforma attached (Annexure-I).

c) Pending Utilization Certificates must invariably be sent alongwith the State/UT proposal.

d) Since the NFSA beneficiaries are getting their entitled foodgrain throughout the year, irrespective of natural calamity and law & order situations, failing which they are entitled to food security allowance under NFSA; the additional allocation will be made in respect of nonNFSA beneficiaries only in the State/UT at the rate of 5 kg per person per month (at par with the NFSA beneficiaries). Any additional allocation beyond this could be made by this Department at economic cost subject to availability of foodgrain in the Central Pool; the State/UT must furnish its willingness in this regard.

e) However, for the demands beyond three months, the proposal must be recommended by Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers’ Welfare (in case of drought) and Ministry of Home Affairs (in case of natural calamities other than drought and law & order situations). The quantum of foodgrain and periodicity of additional allocation will be as recommended by MoAC&FW and MHA, as the case may be, and consented to by respective State/UT.

II. Festival allocation:

a) During a year, the maximum quantity of foodgrains to be allocated to the States/UTs for festival will be restricted to a maximum of 1% of the annual foodgrain entitlement of the respective State/UT under NFSA. However, for cases such as Maha Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh in which lakhs of devotees from all over the country and also foreign tourists participate, it will be considered upto a maximum of 2% of the annual foodgrain entitlement of the respective State/UT under NFSA. The proposal of the State/UT should be accompanied by the following information and any Pending Utilization Certificate:

b) Number of beneficiaries likely to be covered

c) Scale of distribution

d) Central Issue Price: The additional allocation of foodgrain in case of festivals, natural calamity and law & order situation will be made at MSP / MSP derived rate for wheat and rice respectively, as approved by CCEA on 2.1. 2014.