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Sugar Development Fund Section

  • Scrutiny and processing of loan applications received from sugar factories for:
    • Development of cane in their areas
    • Rehabilitation/Modernisation projects
    • Setting up of ethanol plants
    • Setting up of cogeneration power projects
    • Rehabilitation of potentially sick viable sugar undertaking.
  • Disbursement of loans sanctioned
  • Amendment/Governance of SDF Act and Rules.
  • Monitoring and Review of Disbursement of SDF Loans
  • Other matters related to above.

SDF Accounts Section

  • Full Accounting of SDF loans
  • Monitoring and Review of outstanding SDF loans

SPF Section

  • Administration of Levy Sugar Price Equalisation Fund Act, 1976 and Rules framed thereunder:
    • Legislative and Parliament work.
    • Collection and verification of information about excess realisations made by sugar factories on the sale of levy sugar under interim orders of the court.
    • Securing of credits to Levy Sugar Price Equalisation Fund of excess realisation made by sugar factories during different sugar seasons and reconciliation thereof with Controller of Accounts.
    • Determination of questions as to whether excess amounts charged by sugar factories in the sale of levy sugar were excess realisations or not within the meaning of the Act.
    • Receipt and scrutiny of claims for refund from wholesalers/ retailers/ consumers in terms of the provisions of the Act.
    • Vesting unclaimed amounts lying in the Fund in the Central Government and utilisation thereof.
    • Reimbursement of internal transport subsidy and neutralization of ocean freight disadvantage and marketing and handling charges for export of sugar.
    • Settlement of claims on account of refixation of ex-factory prices from 1974-75 (with effect from 12/7/75) to 1979-80 sugar season for levy sugar dispatched to:
      • FCI /State Govt. nominees,
      • Army Purchase Organisation, and iii. Export of levy sugar.
  • All other work incidental to the above items.
  • Any other functions assigned from time to time.

SPF Accounts

  • Budget:- Preparation of BE, RE & FE in respect of reimbursement of internal transport and freight charges and Malapraha schemes and LSPE Fund.
  • Expenditure:- Monitoring, projection and reconciliation of expenditure in respect of the above said schemes.
  • LSPE Fund:- Maintenance and updating of LSPEF account, Issue of NOC, Court cases -calculation of latest position of LSPEF dues and recovery of LSPEF dues and depositing dues into LSPE Fund.
  • Reply of parliament question, standing committee and VIP references.
  • Reply of audit paras and furnishing of reasons for variation and ATNs in respect of appropriation accounts etc.
  • Inspection of sugar mill regarding verification of LSPEF recovery account.
  • Preparation of Annual Report, Performance Budget and Output Budget.
  • Settlement of claims in respect of
    • internal transport and freight charges
    • ocean freight and handling & marketing charges in respect of Maharashtra state and
    • Malaprabha export claims with respect to Notification dated 22/2/95 and 13/4/99 in respect of all sugar mills and other miscellaneous work relating to above said schemes

Sugar Policy Desk

Desk Officer I

  • Sugar - Formulation of general policy and other connected matter.
  • Stockholding limits of sugar manufactures and dealers, Grant of Central Government concurrence to the proposals of State Governments for amendments/ Modification, delegation of powers etc.
  • Legislation - Promulgation of Acts/ Ordinances/Orders relating to Sugar.
  • Commissions/ Committees/ Conferences etc. relating to Sugar.
  • Export & Import Policy of sugar.
  • Policy matters relating to buffer stock.
  • Levy sugar - Policy regarding distribution under PDS.
  • Levy sugar - Uniform Retail Issue Prices - fixation and enforcement of.
  • Levy sugar - Price Equalisation Fund (non-statutory) operated by FCI
  • Release of subsidy to FCI on account of distribution of levy sugar under PDS.
  • Preparation of BE and RE in respect of matters dealt with by Sugar Policy Desk.
  • Matters relating to International Sugar Organisation

Desk Officer II

  • Formulation of Sugarcane Price Policy.
  • Administration of matters relating to Sugarcane (Control) Order, 1966 and delegation of powers thereunder. Matters relating to molasses in so far as they relate to Department.
  • Legislative matters - enactments, promulgation of Ordinances, amendments to various Orders etc. relating to Sugarcane (Control) Order, 1966
  • Fixation of Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) of sugarcane for individual factories.
  • Cane Price arrears - steps for their liquidation etc.
  • Commissions, Committees - setting up of and examination of their Reports.
  • Plans relating to development of sugar industry. Credit facilities and other financial assistance to sugar industries.
  • Levy sugar - Fixation of Zonal ex-factory price of levy sugar